NordVPN Introduces NordPass

June 26, 2019

Even though NordVPN can secure your online sessions with its VPN and your stored files with NordLocker, you still need an unbreakable password for both to maximize your online safety. This is why the company introduced NordPass, a convenient, fully-featured password manager with a beginner-friendly interface.

You can look at your passwords as keys to securing your online presence. They will secure your online banking account, email, social media, and everything else and keep unwanted online entities from gaining access to your sensitive data.

NordVPN Introduces NordPass

How NordPass Keeps You Secure

First of all, NordPass will remember your passwords for you and autofill them into online forms. This allows you to have different passwords for each of your accounts without any fear of forgetting them. You just need to remember one – the password for NordPass.

NordPass uses AES-256-GCM and Argon2 for key activation, which creates an unbreakable barrier for all online entities looking to intercept your traffic. It is a password manager you can trust since the company cannot see your passwords thanks to its zero-knowledge encryption – even though your passwords are backed up on Nord’s servers, the staff can never open them.

Finally, NordPass will help you generate unbreakable keys thanks to its creative tips for choosing memorable and secure passwords.