NordVPN Launches NordLocker

June 27, 2019

The team behind NordVPN has been quietly working on a feature that will enhance overall user security outside of the VPN’s reach. Although your VPN will secure your online traffic, NordVPN is aware of many more cases when its users need protection. This is the idea that gave birth to NordLocker.

NordLocker is basically a file encryption app for Windows and macOS. In other words, it secures the files stored in the cloud or your computer with end-to-end encryption. This way, nobody is able to access your information without your knowledge.

NordLocker incorporates the highest encryption standards but is also very easy to use, so it will provide you with top-notch data security regardless of your tech skills.

Apart from its zero-knowledge encryption process, Nord has implemented AES-256 and RSA-4096, which are the most secure encryption algorithms today. However, NordLocker does not stop at encrypting your files; it also allows you to share them securely by managing your access permissions.

NordVPN Launches NordLocker

Do I Need NordLocker?

The short answer would be yes, you do! No matter what files you keep on your Windows or macOS devices, everything from vacation photos to work-related data contains some sensitive information, which makes them worth protecting.

Low-risk data includes your secret music collections, videos, photos, amateur poetry, personal notes, and much more. On the other hand, truly sensitive information includes your IDs, financial documents, passwords, banking details, and more. In other words, data that you should never store unsecured.

Bottom line, everybody has something to gain by using the new NordLocker app. Unprotected data can result in money loss or, worst case scenario, identity theft. This especially goes if you store your sensitive data in the cloud since many popular cloud services lack security & privacy features to keep your information truly protected. NordLocker will solve this problem by adding an impenetrable layer of security to your files before they are uploaded.

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