NordVPN Now Boasting Over 4,000 Servers Worldwide

May 4, 2018

NordVPN has once again shown why it is one of the best-loved VPNs on the market. This top-rated VPN provider offers everything from a vast server network and an impressive set of security features to great compatibility, 6 simultaneous connections, and a strict no logging policy. Now it has decided to take its service to an even higher level by further expanding its already astonishing network and adding a bunch of new servers to its list. If you are a NordVPN user or are about to become one, here are the fresh servers you may want to try out.

NordVPN Boasting Over 4,000 Servers

The Latest Additions To The NordVPN Server List

Starting from April 16, 2018, NordVPN users can connect to the following, freshly-added servers:

  • Australia #172-179
  • Canada #295-314
  • Ireland #15-18
  • Germany #335-366, #371-406
  • Greece #6-7
  • Hong Kong
  • Latvia #13-16
  • South Africa #12-13
  • South Korea #7-11
  • Spain #46-49
  • Sweden #132-143
  • Taiwan #11-12
  • Thailand #3
  • United Kingdom #573-624
  • United States #2006-2199

The list above only includes the servers that have been added most recently. NordVPN has further added a number of obfuscated servers in the UK, Germany, and Egypt and is currently working on replacing certain servers in Austria, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and the US to optimize speed and performance.

At the moment, NordVPN operates as many as 4,203 servers in 62 countries around the world, which makes its server network one of the widest in the business. That is one more reason to give this top-notch VPN provider a shot.