PureVPN Extends Its Refund Policy

August 7, 2018

“A business that does not have confidence in its own service or product cannot expect consumers or users to have confidence in it!” 

Guided by the above statement, PureVPN has decided to become the only VPN service to offer a full 31-day refund policy. Apart from extending the duration of its refund policy for added convenience, the company has also streamlined the entire refund process in order to make it as hassle-free as possible. 

PureVPN Extends Its Refund Policy

Now, if users want a refund of their VPN purchase for whatever reason, they can get it within 31 days of the initial purchase. This way, users will have more time to fully explore everything PureVPN has to offer and grasp the benefits of one of the best VPNs in the industry. 

Apart from extending its refund policy, PureVPN has enlarged its global server network from 752 to more than 2,000 servers strategically placed at over 180 locations. This is yet another testament to PureVPN’s commitment to its users’ security and their right to access whatever content they want, regardless of their physical location.