Should I Use Private Internet Access With Roku?

Private Internet Access is a famous VPN provider best known for its reliability, tight encryption, good privacy policy, and big server network with locations all around the globe. It’s also very affordable and beginner-friendly, which makes it a good VPN for casual users.

If you are wondering whether Private Internet Access can help you unlock geo-restricted channels on your Roku device, keep reading this short article.

Does Private Internet Access Work

Private Internet Access Roku Check

Since Roku devices do not support built-in VPN functionality, whether a VPN will work with your Roku device depends on whether it works with routers.

Fortunately, Private Internet Access can be configured to work with the following firmware: 

  • DD-WRT (OpenVPN and PPTP) 
  • Tomato (OpenVPN) 
  • PfSense (OpenVPN) 

Note that the PPTP connection protocol is considered to be highly insecure and easily broken, so if you decide to use it, keep in mind that you’re exposing your connection to potential attacks and security breaches. 

Running Private Internet Access through your router will generally result in slower connection speeds, but you can troubleshoot this issue by choosing the UDP 1198 and TCP 502 protocols or by using an IP instead of a hostname in order to avoid potential DNS resolution issues.  Finally, you can also lower the MTU setting (between 1350 and 1450).

Bottom line, Private Internet Access works perfectly fine with all the latest Roku devices, but configuring your router will take some technical knowledge. However, it is important to note that the VPN provider is unable to unlock Netflix or BBC iPlayer at the moment and its performance with Hulu is pretty shaky, so if you want to access these streaming services, Private Internet Access may not be the right choice for you.

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