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UPDATED Jul. 2022

BTGuard is a VPN service provider that brings you great anonymity, strong encryption, and unlimited speed and bandwidth. It is simple to use, keeps no logs of your activity, and allows P2P sharing.

Does BTGuard Keep Logs

Does BTGuard Keep Logs?

UPDATED Jul. 2022

BTGuard is a VPN service particularly designed for P2P sharing and torrenting. Read this quick post to find out whether BTGuard allows you to stay completely anonymous and whether it keeps any logs.

Does BTGuard Allow Torrenting

Does BTGuard Allow Torrenting?

UPDATED Jul. 2022

BTGuard gained its popularity by advertising as a VPN service dedicated to P2P and torrenting. It was even endorsed by TorrentFreak at some point. Read our new post to see if that’s still the case.