A VPN is an essential tool for every modern Internet user. Whether you are looking to hide your true identity from big companies, watch Netflix US in your country, or just make your online sessions more secure, a reliable VPN is just the thing for you.

No two VPNs are the same, so the best option for you depends on your personal needs. However, if you do not have any previous experience with VPNs, you cannot go wrong with any option on this list.

The best VPN software will:

  • Keep you secure online – Strong encryption will protect you from hackers, identity thieves, phishers, and international spy networks
  • Protect your privacy – No data logging and handing it over to marketers or government agencies
  • Prevent ISP throttling – With alternate IP addresses, your ISP will never again be able to drop your connection speed
  • Access geo-restricted websites – Including popular TV channels and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Video, and many more
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  • ✔ 1,700+ VPN servers in 63 countries
  • ✔ Solid encryption + camouflage mode
  • ✔ Private DNS/leak protection/killswitch
  • ✔ Strict no-logging policy

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  • ✔ 5,000+ VPN servers in 59 countries
  • ✔ Double encryption/Onion Over VPN
  • ✔ Malware & ad blocking/no data leaks
  • ✔ Personal IPs/P2P-friendly/killswitch

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  • ✔ 6,500+ VPN servers in 90 countries
  • ✔ Anonymous torrenting/worldwide access
  • ✔ Strict no-log policy/no IP & DNS leaks
  • ✔ Solid encryption/automatic killswitch

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  • ✔ 3,000+ VPN servers in 94 countries
  • ✔ No activity or connection logs
  • ✔ Zero-knowledge DNS/auto killswitch
  • ✔ Solid encryption/split tunneling

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  • ✔ 1,400+ VPN servers in 75+ locations
  • ✔ 40,000+ shared IPs/no traffic logs
  • ✔ 250GB SugarSync encrypted storage
  • ✔ SOCKS5 web proxy/24/7 customer support

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Why Do I Need A VPN?

The Internet is filled with cyber dangers in the form of corporate & private entities looking to exploit your sensitive data for their own gain. You can look at VPNs as antiviruses for hackers, greedy companies, identity thieves, online scammers, your ISP, government agencies, and all other entities that have no business poking around your private data.

For just a couple of bucks a month, the VPNs on this list will benefit you in the following ways:

Privacy from your government or ISP

Your VPN acts like a proxy server AND establishes an encrypted virtual tunnel, which protects your online activities from the watchful eye of your ISP. Since every mass surveillance scheme relies on Internet service providers handing over their collected data to government agencies, a good VPN is also very effective at preventing the government from spying on you.

Online Privacy

Generally, when you visit any website, it can detect your IP address and identify you as an individual. When you are using a VPN, all it sees is your VPN server. In other words, you are virtually invisible since no one can connect your Internet traffic with you as a person.

Bypassing censorship

ISPs tend to block access to certain websites for all sorts of reasons, from political to legal and monetary. You can bypass these measures with a VPN simply by connecting to a server located in a country that does not block the said content.

Accessing streaming services

Since you are able to “spoof” your location with a VPN and appear to be coming from a different country, you can also access the best versions of popular streaming services like Netflix, for example. You can also access geo-restricted platforms like Hulu or BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world.

Securing public Wi-Fi hotspots

Browsing on a public unprotected network is just waiting for something bad to happen. While connected, you are in constant danger of hackers picking up on your traffic and accessing your sensitive data. A good VPN puts a solid layer of encryption between your information and anybody who is thinking about taking a peek at your traffic.

Safe torrenting

Since torrenting relies on P2P protocols, other users in your network have to see your IP address. However, torrenters are not the only ones who can see it. The risk of getting caught or hacked is very real and reliable VPNs reduce it to zero.