WireGuard goes live on PureVPN

February 1, 2022
PureVPN WireGuard HomePage

PureVPN has been working hard this past year on introducing the WireGuard protocol on all of their apps. And we can finally announce that as of 02/01/2022, the protocol is live across their network. This means that PureVPN users will experience much faster connections that are simultaneously safer. Their team waited a couple of years for the technology to become stable and without any bugs.

So, what is WireGuard and why this is such big news. Well, the WireGuard VPN protocol is a new open-source technology that’s been in development since 2019. It offers high levels of security and low memory usage. The way this is accomplished is an interesting one. They used recent cryptographic discoveries like elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) and algorithms like the ChaCha20Poly1305 stream cipher to streamline the process.

Compared to other VPN protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN that have 600,000 and 400,000 lines of code, WireGuard only comes with 4,000 lines of code. This means it’s a lighter and more elegant solution to the same problems OpenVPN and IKEv2 were trying to solve. And why all this is interesting to us, VPN nerds, what does it mean for the average user? Speed, unlimited speed, that’s what it means.

Now you’re probably wondering how to turn the damned thing on? Well, you can turn on the WireGuard protocol in the PureVPN app with just a few clicks. You can see the whole process but here is the step-by-step guide: First select Settings, then click on Protocols and finally select WireGuard from the dropdown menu. That’s it, you’re good to go! And if you want to know more, just read our PureVPN review

When you combine this update with the rest of the stuff the PureVPN crew has been doing in the background you get one of the fastest and most secure VPN apps on the market. In September 2021, they upgraded their network by adding 20 Gbps capable servers in key locations making the whole VPN experience much smoother and faster.

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