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IPVanish VS VyprVPN

UPDATED Apr. 2017

This IPVanish vs. VyprVPN comparison was designed with the goal of providing you with a handy overview of the main features of these two global VPN providers’ services. For anyone who has been pondering about the advantages one company may have over the other, this detailed comparison should offer valuable insight into the suitability of their services for the various needs of different VPN users.

Value For Money
Price $10.00 $11.99 $9.95
Final Rating 9.3/10 9.2/10


Comparison Breakdown

In order to make this comparison as useful as possible, our team of professionals has outlined a set of 7 key aspects of VPN services, which are further used as points of comparison between IPVanish and VyprVPN, providers which rank among the leading solutions in the VPN market.


  • You can use IPVanish on basically any device you wish, as it is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, as well as routers and Xbox.
  • VyprVPN also supports Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Android and routers, but keep in mind that it cannot be used on Xbox or Windows Phone.

Support Type

  • IPVanish offers round-the-clock support via email and lets you find solutions to your problems on your own with its great FAQ section, as well as impressively well-designed setup guides that are especially useful to beginners. However, it currently does not offer the live chat option.
  • VyprVPN takes pride in its great support available 24/7 via phone and live chat, as well as through email and its support page is filled with useful troubleshooting tips, setup instructions and helpful answers to FAQs.

IP Type

  • IPVanish offers 40 000 shared dynamic IP addresses to its users.
  • VyprVPN’s users have the astounding number of 200 000 shared dynamic IP addresses at their disposal.

Pricing Options

  • IPVanish lets you choose if you wish to subscribe for one month, three months or a year. The monthly price is $10 with a monthly subscription, $8.99 with a three-month subscription and $6.49 with a yearly subscription. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so within 7 days since you subscribed and you will get your money back.
  • VyprVPN offers monthly and yearly subscriptions. The price of monthly subscription is $9.99, while with the yearly subscription, the prices amounts to $6.67 per month. You also get to enjoy the benefits of 3-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind about your subscription.


  • IPVanish offers a solid security suite which includes OpenVPN as the most secure protocol available, as well as PPTP and L2TP protocols. However, SSTP is not a part of the suite.
  • VyprVPN’s offer features the same security protocols as IPVanish’s suite – OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols – with the addition of Chameleon, its own encryption protocol. The SSTP protocol is not available with this provider either.

Performance & Reliability

  • IPVanish boasts 500 servers in 60+ countries across the world. With this VPN service provider, there are no limitations when it comes to speed, bandwidth and server switching and it also allows P2P and up to 5 simultaneous connections.
  • VyprVPN has as many as 712 servers in 52 countries and further offers unlimited bandwidth, server switching and speed. It allows up to 3 simultaneous connections. P2P is not available.

Security & Protection

  • In order to provide you with maximum protection, IPVanish uses first-party DNS servers, kill switch, NAT protection and WiFi protection. It applies the no-logs policy and gives you the possibility to pay with BitCoin.
  • VyprVPN also uses first-party DNS servers, as well as a kill switch, WiFi protection, NAT firewall and unlike IPVanish, IPv6 is supported. However, it does keep logs of your activity, which some users won’t like. It does not offer BitCoin payment option.
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