Does Avast Secureline VPN Allow Torrenting?

Avast Secureline VPN is an online security service launched by Avast, a famous Czech provider of cybersecurity software. One of the most common reasons people use VPNs in the first place is P2P filesharing or torrenting, so if you’re interested in learning more about Secureline VPN’s torrenting potential, keep on reading this short article.  

Does Avast Secureline VPN Allow Torrenting

P2P File Sharing

In order to use torrents while connected to a VPN server, a VPN company first has to allow P2P filesharing. Some VPN providers made a compromise in that regard by not allowing torrenting, but not specifically forbidding it either. They’re simply protecting themselves by warning you about the potential consequences of illegal actions.  

Avast Secureline VPN, on the other hand, explicitly allows P2P connections through its data centers, which is a big plus in the book of pretty much any VPN user out there.  


avast secureline security

Secureline VPN supports our favorite connection protocol, which is Open VPN. That’s only for Windows and Android, though, since macOS and iOS use.

When it comes to encryption, Secureline VPN uses AES-256 cipher, also implemented by the military and numerous banks to protect their systems. Don’t believe stories of the great superiority of AES-512 over 256, as the system can’t become more secure than unbreakable, which AES-256 definitely is at this point. If supercomputers are invented in the meantime, we’ll revisit this article, but until then, our point stands.  

Torrenting On All Servers

Unfortunately, Avast Secureline VPN doesn’t allow P2P connections on all of its servers. You can download torrents using the following data center locations: 

  • Frankfurt, Germany 
  • Prague, Czech Republic 
  • Miami, Florida 
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands 
  • London, UK 
  • Seattle, Washington 
  • Paris, France 
  • New York City, New York 

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