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Does Speedify Work With Netflix? – January 2018

A huge percentage of all users subscribe to VPN services not for their online security but for the ability to unlock geo-restricted content. One of the most coveted “unlockables” in that regard is, of course, Netflix.  

The US version of Netflix is by far the best streaming service, unavailable anywhere else except in the States, so it’s only natural that Netflix aficionados all over the world want to view US Netflix content. Read our latest blog post to find out whether you can access US Netflix with Speedify VPN.

Does Speedify Work With Netflix

Tired of seeing proxy error message every time you try to stream Netflix?

Check out our list of the best VPNs for Netflix and start enjoying your favorite content today!

Speedify Netflix Check

We usually install the VPN we’re testing and try to connect to US Netflix several times in order to provide you with a reliable report on what to expect. With Speedify, however, we didn’t even have to do that since the support page on the official website already informs you the service is blocked by Netflix. This is fair on its part, as many other providers will have you believe their VPNs support Netflix in order to make you go premium. 

Speedify’s support page also states that Netflix allows you to download a lot of movies and TV shows at this point. You can disconnect from Speedify and download your favorite content, then reconnect and watch it in the Netflix app.

However, what Speedify doesn’t tell you is that this downloading option comes with several limitations. These shouldn’t bother you too much if you’re not a heavy Netflix user, but they’re there nonetheless. The known limitations are related to content licensing and your devices.  

Some studios or distributors may limit the number of titles you can download. You’ll never find a specific number, so the infamous “You have too many downloaded videos” error will almost always catch you by surprise. Furthermore, there’s a limit on the number of devices you can use to download the same title. Netflix has also recently implemented a limitation on how many times per year you can download the same content.    

Bottom line, Speedify is not a good choice for you if watching US Netflix is your primary reason for getting a VPN. Yes, you can download videos and then watch them, but there are numerous VPNs that’ll allow you to stream US Netflix without having to make compromises.   

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