Does TorGuard Work With Kodi?

TorGuard is a reputable VPN with solid encryption, a reasonable price, great speeds, and many other interesting features that make it an enticing option for all casual and dedicated streamers. The “Tor” part of the name comes from torrents, which hints at its P2P-friendly approach. 

Kodi is the most popular streaming software today, which is not surprising given that it is free and open-source. Plus, it offers a ton of digital content through its attractive add-ons. However, it works best when paired with a reliable VPN as it does come with some security loopholes and geo-restricted add-ons.

Let’s see if TorGuard can be used to patch those security concerns up and allow for a safe and seamless streaming experience. 

Does TorGuard Work With Kodi

Do I need A VPN For Kodi?

The answer is – yes and no. If you want to use Kodi in its bare-bones form without having access to some of its most prominent add-ons, then no, you do not technically need a VPN. However, if you want to bypass geo-restrictions on Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and similar plug-ins, then you will need a VPN capable of nullifying all their efforts to identify and block VPN traffic. 

TorGuard Kodi Check

The official website never mentions Kodi, but it is possible to connect the app to the Internet through TorGuard VPN. One of the potential options includes downloading the OpenVPN add-on and establishing a connection. In other words, connecting Kodi to TorGuard is definitely a process that requires some tech knowledge, so it is probably not ideal for complete beginners. 

When Should I Use TorGuard With Kodi?

The short answer is – always. However, individuals with slow Internet connections might not want to have their VPNs on all the time. In that case, you should definitely use your VPN when you want to bypass the aforementioned geo-restrictions or use plug-ins that source content from torrents. P2P files are well-known for broadcasting your IP address to your ISP, but TorGuard will mask your real IP, so your Internet traffic can never be traced back to you. 

Security Benefits Of Using TorGuard For Kodi

TorGuard will prevent your ISP and all other online entities from monitoring your connection and collecting your sensitive data and traffic information in order to sell it to marketers. The software also offers numerous (including AES-256), so you can scale your security levels depending on current actions.

On the other hand, TorGuard is based in the US, which is not an ideal location for a VPN. Luckily, the company implements a strict zero-logs policy, which prevents your ISP, hackers, and even the government agencies from connecting you as an individual with your online traffic. It protects you against DNS leaks, comes with a killswitch, features more than 3,000 servers across 50+ countries, and supports up to 8 simultaneous connections.

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