Does TorGuard Work With Netflix?

Netflix is blocking VPNs at the speed of light, leaving many VPN providers with disgruntled customers who can no longer use their services to stream Netflix. While the majority of VPN providers are simply giving up on this battle they cannot win, others are getting surprisingly creative in their efforts to unblock their users’ favorite content. In this post, we will talk about TorGuard’s genius way of outsmarting Netflix.

Does TorGuard Work With Netflix

An IP Worth The Splurge

If you try to stream Netflix with TorGuard, you may find it impossible if you are using a shared IP. That is because TorGuard realized that Netflix is blocking its shared IPs at an incredible rate and that it simply could not keep up, so it just stopped trying. Instead, it came up with a simple yet brilliant solution that actually works. It started offering its users dedicated streaming IPs designed particularly for the purpose of unblocking Netflix. Since you get a pristine new IP that only you use, the chances of it getting blacklisted are extremely low.

Of course, these special Netflix-unblocking IPs do not come free of charge. They cost a couple of extra dollars per month, with the price depending on the length of your subscription. If you are thinking of getting a TorGuard subscription and/or a dedicated streaming IP, be sure to contact TorGuard support. First of all, this is necessary because dedicated streaming IPs are not assigned automatically and you need to choose the location of your IP. Second, the provider offers a generous 50% discount with the promo code you can get from the support staff.

This effective solution to the Netflix streaming issue is the reason why many VPN users have switched to TorGuard in recent months. The speeds are reliable, there are no endless searches for servers that work, and you get to watch all the Netflix content you want, whenever you want. While it does cost a bit extra, it is definitely worth it, as it allows you to stream Netflix hassle-free, which is a luxury that nearly no other VPN service can offer nowadays.

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