Does Unblock-Us Work With Netflix?

Unblock-Us is not technically a VPN, but it still boasts faster speeds than all other VPNs on the market, as well as perfect compatibility with all devices. This smart DNS proxy service was very popular among Netflix aficionados at some point, allowing them to stream their favorite content seamlessly and without problems.  

July 2016 brought a bit of turbulence for Unblock-Us since it stopped supporting Netflix on certain devices. Today, we’re interested in discovering whether the service has managed to overcome these issues and enable its users to once again enjoy US Netflix.

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Unblock-Us Netflix Check

During our testing phase, we were unable to connect to the US Netflix service no matter how many times we tried. We received numerous reports about people who managed to get away without Netflix flagging their traffic, but we just weren’t able to get there.  

Unblock-Us used to work with Netflix up until July 2016 when it stopped supporting certain devices. November 2016 brought significant improvements in that regard, but the service still couldn’t allow mobile devices to use the Netflix app effectively. Today, we still see some reports claiming Netflix usage with great success, so we’ll definitely say there’s a possibility, but it successfully eluded us during our testing circuit.    

Bottom Line

Our final verdict is that Unblock-Us doesn’t work with Netflix according to our test results. Few sites seem to be claiming otherwise, so we’ll give this service the benefit of the doubt and won’t call it exactly a closed case. We recommend, though, that you start looking toward real VPNs if you want to unlock Netflix with 100% certainty and security. We’re also interested in hearing your experiences, especially if you were successful, so don’t hesitate to comment and share your thoughts with us.     

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