Does Unlocator Work With Kodi?

Unlocator should primarily be viewed as a Smart DNS service featuring a VPN. It supports unlimited simultaneous connections, records no logs whatsoever, and offers a free trial and a money-back guarantee. Finally, it also promises full anonymity to its users.  

Kodi, on the other hand, is currently the most popular streaming platform with a ton of convenient add-ons that enrich its already impressive content library. The software is completely free and open-source, which further adds to its popularity. However, it does have some security loopholes. Namely, the most popular add-ons usually come with strict geo-restrictions. This is why Kodi works best when combined with a top-quality VPN service.  

Having said that, let’s see if these two software solutions can work together to provide you with a safe and enjoyable streaming experience.

Does Unlocator Work With Kodi

Unlocator Kodi Check

Unfortunately, Unlocator does not work with Kodi. The Smart DNS service can be manually set up to work with OpenELEC (the mini-OS developed to run Kodi), but that solves only one half of the problem. Namely, Smart DNS services are designed to bypass geo-restrictions, but they will not encrypt your online traffic or protect you from online entities, including your ISP. Unlocator VPN currently does not support Kodi, so you will not be able to protect yourself while streaming.  

With all this in mind, we cannot recommend Unlocator as a suitable pair for Kodi software at the moment, but we will monitor the situation closely and let you know the moment something changes.   

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