Does Unlocator Work With Netflix?

Our Netflix-friendly testing circuit continues with Unlocator, which used to be a pretty popular service commonly used to unlock numerous services and streaming platforms outside their countries of origin.

Note that Unlocator is a Smart DNS AND VPN service in a single package. This is very important to keep in mind since potential users might think that Unlocator won’t encrypt their traffic, leaving them completely exposed to all kinds of malicious attacks.

Having said that, we’re interested in discovering whether Unlocator can give you access to the US version of Netflix. Keep reading this post to discover our testing results and the conclusions we were able to draw.  

Does Unlocator Work With Netflix

Unlocator Netflix Check

Unlocator used to be able to “fly under the radar” when it comes to Netflix, but it was flagged back in July 2016. Luckily, the company managed to bypass these measures once again and is now fully capable of unlocking the best version of Netflix anywhere in the world.

Unlocator is one of the few fortunate companies that managed to bounce back from its initial hardships with Netflix and we hope it continues to do so in the future.

Bottom Line

Netflix is on a very long and merciless crusade against VPNs and the whole idea of unlocking geo-restricted content from different parts of the world. Unlocator was one of the “victims” that fell in 2016, but the team behind it went back to the drawing board and once again made it possible to access Netflix US from anywhere in the world. Apart from Netflix US, Unlocator allows you to unlock hundreds of different channels and services, which more than justifies its current price tag. You can start your free 7-day trial anytime and see if Unlocator works for you.

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