Does VPN Unlimited Allow Torrenting?

VPN Unlimited is a budget-friendly VPN provider with 1,000+ servers spread across 70+ countries. It offers excellent software solutions that cover the majority of popular platforms and provides decent connection speeds, which is especially important for avid P2P aficionados, streamers, and online gamers. 

With that in mind, let’s check if VPN Unlimited allows torrenting.

Does VPN Unlimited Allow Torrenting

P2P File Sharing

According to the company representatives, the official FAQ, and privacy policy, the primary purpose of VPN Unlimited is to ensure online security, not to enable its users to download torrents. Furthermore, the company actively throttles connection speeds if it notices frequent P2P file sharing. 

Having said that, legal usage of P2P file sharing is allowed, but if the company spots illegal downloads of copyrighted content (piracy), it can suspend or even terminate your account. 


VPN Unlimited utilizes OpenVPN for Windows and Android and IPsec for OS X and iOS. However, you can download third-party OpenVPN connect software and configure it to work with VPN Unlimited’s servers even on Apple devices. Note that VPN Unlimited only provides access to its .ovpn files once you purchase a yearly subscription. PPTP protocol is only used on Windows Mobile. 

VPN Unlimited’s parent company KeepSolid Inc is based in New York, which is definitely not ideal since the US is the home of the NSA and CIA. This means the VPN company can be served with warrants and gag orders, which translates to being obligated to hand over user data without the user in question knowing anything about it. 

The encryption used features AES-256 cipher, RSA-4096 handshake, and SHA-384 data authentication. It also implements 256-bit ECDHE Perfect Forward Secrecy. 

When it comes to logging data, the company’s privacy policy states that it keeps no usage logs and just a few connection logs for 7 days. These logs (connection timestamps, bandwidth used…) are recorded together with your IP address, which opens you up for a traffic correlation attack. Additionally, if the company suspects you’ve been breaking the law by downloading pirated content, it can even keep usage logs to verify whether the law is being broken. This is very disturbing and it makes us seriously question the overall privacy levels of VPN Unlimited. 

Torrenting On All Servers

VPN Unlimited doesn’t allow P2P filesharing on all of its servers. Rather, it limits torrenting to Canada-Ontario, US-California 1, France, Romania, and Luxembourg servers. 

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