Does VPN Unlimited Work With Kodi?

VPN Unlimited is a reasonably priced VPN service with a decent number of servers spread across more than 70 countries. It features great software that covers many popular platforms and good connection speeds, which is excellent news for all streaming fans out there. 

Kodi is by far the most popular free and open-source streaming platform today, but it does feature some security loopholes that are best circumvented with good VPN software. Keep on reading to learn whether VPN Unlimited can help you stream your favorite video and audio content on Kodi without any third parties monitoring and accessing your traffic. 

Does VPN Unlimited Work With Kodi

VPN Unlimited Kodi Check

Unfortunately, VPN Unlimited doesn’t work with Kodi at the moment. It’s compatible with many popular platforms and software solutions, including Amazon Firestick, but for some reason, it’s currently not compatible with Kodi. We definitely hope the company introduces this functionality to it service in the near future since VPN Unlimited definitely offers many useful features that could significantly improve your experience while using Kodi.

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