Does VPNMaster Work With Netflix?

In our honest VPNMaster review, we spoke about all the reasons why we do not believe that this VPN service is the best choice for our readers. However, if you do decide to use it, it may be useful to know whether it works with Netflix and what kind of user experience you can expect. Here is what we found out when we tried to stream Netflix with VPNMaster.

Does VPNMaster Work With Netflix

As Bad As Expected

VPNMaster promises to unblock Netflix for you, but we know better than to believe everything we read online. After dealing with all the hassle of setting up this VPN, we tried connecting to all of its servers and many of them were down, including the ones in the US. Over the course of 2 weeks, we tried to connect to a US server many times, but with no luck. We did manage to connect to a UK server at some point, but we were unable to stream UK Netflix while using this service.

Based on our experience during the tests, we can conclude with a great degree of certainty that streaming Netflix with VPNMaster is not an option. This is not surprising, given that it has around 30 servers in 14 countries and that most of its servers are often down.

Given that VPNMaster does keep some logs and does not use strong encryption, it does not constitute a safe VPN, which is why we would not recommend using it even if it was able to unblock Netflix.

To our knowledge, this service was not able to unblock Netflix at any time in the past, our tests showed that it does not allow you to stream Netflix at the moment, and there are no indications that it is going to be able to provide such service at any time in the future.

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