Does VPNSecure Work With Netflix?

VPNSecure is an Australian VPN provider also known as VPN.S. The company was founded in 2010 and has been operating since 2011. What really sets this provider apart is its user-friendliness, which will allow individuals without any technical knowledge to install it successfully and use it without any problems.

In an effort to determine just how good VPNSecure really is, we tested the service to see if it can pass through the numerous security measures implemented by Netflix US in order to prevent access from other parts of the world. So, if you like VPNSecure and streaming, keep reading our post to learn whether the company can allow you to watch your favorite content on the best iteration of Netflix. 

Does VPNSecure Work With Netflix

VPNSecure Netflix Check

In spite of our best efforts, we weren’t able to connect to Netflix US using VPNSecure. We tested a multitude of its servers and got the well-known proxy error over and over again. This service does have its advantages, but also its fair share of downsides. Not being able to bypass the geo-restrictions implemented by Netflix is definitely one of them. 

If streaming restricted platforms is not too important to you, VPNSecure is still a pretty solid choice. If unlocking the US version of Netflix from other parts of the world is your primary reason for purchasing a VPN, however, then we definitely cannot recommend this company. On top of this, we also experienced mixed results when it comes to server speeds. Some of them were quite fast and responsive while others lagged and basically ground our connection to a halt. So, if you end up using this VPN, you’ll definitely have to perform your own tests before identifying the most optimal server for your location. 

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