Does VyprVPN Allow Torrenting?

VyprVPN is owned by Golden Frog GmbH, a company incorporated in Switzerland, which is known for having favorable privacy laws. The founders of Golden Frog, Ron and Carolyin Yokubaitis, have owned and operated Internet businesses since 1994, making them true Internet veterans.

Switzerland deeply respects the privacy of its citizens and has incorporated a legal framework for its protection. The right to privacy is protected under Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution. Privacy during online activities is guaranteed under the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act.

With legal issues out of the way, we can we can start dissecting VyprVPN’s P2P performance.

Does VyprVPN Allow Torrenting

P2P File Sharing

Golden Frog follows the Swiss example and has the utmost respect for the privacy of its users. Since it treats all traffic equally, it also allows the use of BitTorrent clients for torrenting. It recommends that your stay within the boundaries of your local copyright laws and its Terms of Service. Since it does not monitor user traffic, it doesn’t have any ways of identifying people acting against this recommendation.

Apart from this, VyprVPN also provides lightning-fast servers, which is one of the most important things for a smooth torrenting experience.


VyprVPN Security

VyprVPN offers a rather impressive list of security features. Every new software update over the years has brought improvements, upgrades, and fresh security features. The changes made often answered the most frequent user requests, so listening to its customers is also one of VyprVPN’s strengths.

VyprVPN offers OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPsec protocols. On top of that, it also features proprietary Stealth VPN tech, known as Chameleon.

Exclusive to VyprVPN, Chameleon is a VPN technology designed to make your encrypted traffic appear as regular SSL instead of encrypted VPN data. This protocol enables you to circumvent firewalls and other software/hardware designed to block VPN traffic.

The company uses AES-256 cipher to encrypt your traffic, which is considered to be unbreakable by brute force attacks.

VyprDNS is a proprietary DNS software available to VyprVPN users. Note that VyprDNS is an integral part of the VPN and cannot be purchased separately.

Golden Frog kept some connection logs in the past but has since implemented a strict no-logging policy, as confirmed by an independent audit in 2018.

Torrenting On All Servers

VyprVPN allows torrenting on all its servers without any limitations regarding bandwidth or server switching. It currently works with 700+ servers and 200,000+ IP addresses.

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