Does WiTopia Work In China?

WiTopia is an affordable, user-friendly VPN service that offers up to 256-bit encryption, a range of protocols, great compatibility, and 2 simultaneous connections. It operates servers in 45 world countries, does not monitor or log your activity, and imposes no limits on bandwidth. While it is not the most powerful of VPN services, it does offer a high level of security and privacy at more than reasonable prices.

Based on our research, many users recommend it as one of the rare services that still work in China. We were excited about this discovery and decided to take the service for a test run before recommending WiTopia VPN to our readers.

Does WiTopia Work In China

A Solid Option

After obtaining some useful advice from WiTopia’s support staff and running a series of tests, we have concluded that this service indeed works in China and allows you to bypass censorship with varying ease. Namely, what is important to point out is that one of the main weaknesses of WiTopia is the obvious inconsistency in speed and performance, which we talked about in more detail in our WiTopia review. Some servers provide excellent speeds while others are close to useless. Plus, not all servers are going to be of use to you if you are connecting from China.

As far as protocols are concerned, the support staff recommends 4D Stealth, which worked rather well for us, but we have to emphasize that it does not seem to do the trick for all users at all times. Some users recommend PPTP for greater stability and IPSec for greater speed, but based on our tests, 4D Stealth is a safer choice when circumventing the Great Firewall.

Thus, at least for now, WiTopia works in China, but you need to choose the right protocol and the right servers. Fortunately, the service’s excellent support can be of great assistance and provide you with a list of servers that work best for Chinese users, as well as protocol recommendations and clear instructions on how to set up 4D Stealth and get your VPN running smoothly. While you may experience less than satisfactory speeds at times, as well as occasional disconnections, WiTopia is still one of the finer choices for VPN users in China. Finally, do not forget that you are covered by the 30-day money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied, you can always get a refund.

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