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Does WiTopia Work With Netflix? – January 2018

WiTopia is an excellent VPN provider. Apart from its sleek client, good design, excellent support, and many useful features, the company is also endorsed by The Economist and The New York Times, just to name a few reputable websites and publications.

Today, we’re asking ourselves whether WiTopia can unlock Netflix US for us or not. As simple as that. So, if you’re a Netflix aficionado, definitely check this blog and see if you can use WiTopia to bypass those annoying geo-restrictions from pretty much any location in the world. 

Does WiTopia Work With Netflix?

Tired of seeing proxy error message every time you try to stream Netflix?

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WiTopia Netflix Check

Unfortunately, we have to report that we were unable to connect to the US version of Netflix using WiTopia. It is well-known that VPN services regularly lose their ability to avoid the geo-restrictions implemented by Netflix US only to bounce back a couple of weeks (or even days) later. However, at the time of our testing, we received a proxy error indicating that Netflix’s protection mechanism recognized our VPN traffic and flagged it as such. It is very possible, extremely likely even, that WiTopia will bounce back at some point, but as it stands today, Netflix aficionados will not get their money’s worth with this service. 

On top of that, we also noticed some enormous performance fluctuations during our testing circuit. The speeds were going from quite excellent to dreadful and unusable. So, the company leaves an excellent first impression but definitely needs to work more on the final polish of its service.  

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