Is Avast Secureline VPN Safe?

Avast Secureline is a VPN service launched by Avast Software, a Czech multinational cybersecurity company. When Avast is mentioned, most of us primarily think of its famous antivirus software, but the company also provides its users with a subscription-based virtual private network.  

Today, we’re investigating the privacy and security levels offered by Avast Secureline VPN, so stick around for more info.

Is Avast Secureline VPN Safe

Logging Policy

Avast Secureline VPN does keep some connection logs. Having said that, it is the most benign set of logging data we’ve ever seen. Namely, the company records connect and disconnect times, the duration of each connection, and bandwidth usage. The data is used for diagnostic purposes exclusively and to prevent VPN connection abuse.  

In other words, the company doesn’t collect or store any data that can be used to identify you or threaten your online security. It won’t monitor/log the websites you visit, your IP address, and other sensitive data.  


Avast Secureline VPN Safe Encryption

Secureline VPN uses OpenVPN on UDP on Windows and Android and IPsec on Mac and iOS. This is a pretty solid security setup and we are glad to see that Avast opted not to include insecure protocols like PPTP and SSTP, for example.

Avast VPN uses AES-256 encryption, which is often referred to as “military grade” or “bank grade” cipher since both the military and banks use it. It also implements Open SSL and certificate authentication.  

During our testing circuit, however, we noticed WebRTC leaks on our browsers. Avast is currently working on resolving this issue, so it’s best that you disable WebRTC if you’re using this VPN. Alternatively, you can also use some of the less popular browsers that don’t apply WebRTC. Internet Explorer and Safari fall under this category and will help you circumvent this vulnerability entirely.   

DNS Leaks

Our testing team did not experience any DNS or IP leaks during our testing phase, so you do not have to worry about your real IP address or location of your device ever getting into the wrong hands. The test at was only able to recognize our assigned IP in New York and DNS requests routed through our VPN.

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