Private Tunnel Price

Private Tunnel VPN was developed by James Yohan and Francis Dinha, the same people that brought us OpenVPN back in 2002. The VPN service was launched by OpenVPN Technologies Inc, which is the company created to assist the further development of OpenVPN protocol. 

OpenVPN set the bar quite high, so Private Tunnel had a rather difficult task in front of itself. It was supposed to live up to the company’s previous project and justify the high expectations of potential users.

Our post will not delve into the specifics of the platform but focus on its pricing plans and the value offered for the money requested. So, keep on reading to find out whether Private Tunnel subscription plans can justify their respective price tags. 

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Private Tunnel Subscription Plans

Private Tunnel currently features two subscription plans: 

  • Fixed (6$ monthly; 35$ yearly)  Unlimited data access; up to 3 simultaneous connections. 
  • Flexible (6$ monthly; 35$ yearly + fee for an additional device)  Unlimited data access; up to 4 connections available. 

If you’re just starting out with Private Tunnel, you’ll also get a free 7-day trial period to decide whether it’s the right VPN service for your specific needs. You don’t have to perform any additional actions except subscribing to one of the two plans. After you’re done with the subscription process, your trial period will start automatically. You can always cancel the service before the trial period expires if you don’t find it to your liking. If you cancel your subscription in time, you won’t be charged anything.

Private Tunnel accepts PayPal, all major credit/debit cards, and Apple Gift Cards as payment methods. Note that the Apple Gift Card option is only available through the Private Tunnel iOS application. This is not a definitive list, meaning it might change in the future, according to the official website.  

Private Tunnel – Value For Money

Private Tunnel Price value

Right off the bat, we have to say that Private Tunnel is pretty budget-friendly with its prices. It’s not the cheapest VPN in the world, but it’s definitely far from the most expensive companies on the market. Let’s use NordVPN and ExpressVPN for reference. The first charges 11.95$ per month and the second 12.95$, so you can see the obvious difference. But cheap service doesn’t automatically spell a winner, so let’s see what Private Tunnel has to offer for the price.  

Unlimited bandwidth and 3 or 4 simultaneous connections are definitely a good start. The team behind Private Tunnel used the most sophisticated software solutions available, which is another strong point in its favor. The client, although dated and downright ugly, is quick and easy to use, which is excellent news for all beginners and casual users.  

On the other hand, Private Tunnel offers only 13 server locations, with poor to mediocre speeds. Some of the servers are plagued with constant disconnects and disruptions, which definitely doesn’t help users feel safe and protected. There is no kill switch, so your Internet connection won’t be cut as soon as something disrupts your VPN. However, we couldn’t detect any DNS or IP leaks, which is definitely good news. 

Private Tunnel allows P2P, but it actively pursues and bans users who download copyrighted content, which makes it a poor torrenting choice. On top of that, it can’t be used to unblock Netflix and similar services outside of their respective regions.

Bottom Line

We can’t recommend Private Tunnel for the price it requires. With some exceptions, the service doesn’t have any extraordinary features that would wow potential users.  

The servers are few, the encryption is weaker than the industry standard, there’s no kill switch, torrenting anything good is forbidden, and we haven’t even touched upon the fact that the company is located in the US and that it keeps some user logs.  

There are some redeeming factors, but too few and far between to nullify all the glaring shortcomings. We would definitely like to see this VPN succeed, but the team has to work much harder if they want to match industry giants like NordVPN, for example.

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