VirtualShield VPN Review

UPDATED Jan. 2020
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VirtualShield is a US-based VPN service that provides decent speeds and gives you as much as 30 days to try out one of its plans for free. This multi-platform solution will enable you to secure data on all your devices and browse the web anonymously and without restrictions. The service offers multiple subscription plans and add-ons for both personal and business use. Read our VirtualShield VPN review to find out whether it is worth purchasing one of the subscription plans offered by this VPN provider.

VirtualShield VPN printscreen homepage


Marketed as the easiest VPN service in the world, VirtualShield VPN requires no technical knowledge from its users. Even if you are new to using a VPN, you will quickly understand how VirtualShield works. Upon launching the application for Windows and after a short and simple installation process, you will need to sign in to your VirtualShield account. As expected, the connect/disconnect button is placed on the main screen, where you can also see the status of your connection and your currently selected server. By clicking on the arrow next to the server, you get a list of available server locations from which you can choose. You can use the automatic server selection if you do not need to connect to a specific location.

The settings menu is pretty basic, with standard options such as launching the app at system startup, connecting automatically, and changing the protocol. Several additional features are offered as paid upgrades.

VirtualShield VPN interface

Performance And Reliability

VirtualShield VPN has servers in over 10 countries, including the United States, Canada, France, the Netherlands, India, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and Singapore. Multiple server locations are available in certain countries.

The server network is very limited, but the good news is that this does not affect connection speeds, which are generally quite satisfactory. Also, we did not experience any sudden connection breaks while using the VirtualShield VPN app. However, this VPN’s overall security configuration does not inspire confidence, which we will discuss later in our VirtualShield VPN review. When it comes to protecting your online privacy, there are far better options on the VPN market.


VirtualShield VPN is a multi-platform solution optimized to work with major operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. On top of that, VirtualShield offers extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers. The application for Linux is still under development. This VPN provider does not support router integration.

VirtualShield VPN multiplatform


As an easy to use VPN, VirtualShield is suitable for beginners and casual users, but if you are looking for an advanced VPN solution, you should look elsewhere.

With this VPN, there are no limits with regard to bandwidth. You can use it to bypass geo-restrictions and access online content, services, and websites that would otherwise be unavailable from your location. You can access streaming services, but the basic plan is not enough to allow you to use Netflix, for example. For that, you need to purchase the “unrestricted streaming” add-on. Fans of P2P file sharing will be disappointed to learn that VirtualShield does not allow torrenting.

There is no killswitch, but VirtualShield offers a feature called the Application Guard, which allows you to terminate specific applications of your choice whenever you lose your connection with the VPN. In that way, you prevent these applications from leaking any of your private data. While this feature provides a certain level of protection, a regular killswitch is much more effective in safeguarding your data since it automatically disconnects you from the Internet when your VPN connection drops.

Security And Privacy

According to the information we found on the VirtualShield website, this VPN service uses “up to 256-bit encryption” to keep your data safe. When we asked the support staff to clarify this statement, we did not get any useful explanation.

The VirtualShield Windows app supports the TCP, UDP, and L2TP protocols while the Android and MacOS apps support the TCP and UDP protocols. Unfortunately, VirtualShield does not include OpenVPN, which is considered to be the safest connection protocol available nowadays. Even though you get IPv6 leak protection as an additional security feature in the Windows application, you should not expect too much from this VPN when it comes to protecting your online privacy and security.

On the plus side, VirtualShield respects your privacy and does not keep any logs of VPN usage. The service does not monitor your online activity and has no record of the websites you visit or content you download. The provider runs a temporary connection log that is removed as soon as you disconnect. VirtualShield claims that no online activity can be linked to a specific user of this VPN service. That is an important piece of information, especially when you consider that the VPN provider is based in the US, which is a member of the Five Eyes Alliance.


You can contact the customer support team by email or through the contact form and live chat on the company website. The live chat feature works well and the company representatives are kind and willing to help, although they were not able to answer some technical questions. VirtualShield also offers access to its team of security experts who can help you resolve your issues by phone, but you need to pay extra to get phone support, which is quite unusual.

The website also features a knowledge base section, where you can find useful information on how to set up and use the VirtualShield app on different platforms. The company is present on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Pricing Options

1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
2 Years

1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
2 Years

VirtualShield VPN offers subscription plans for individuals and families, as well as for businesses.

With the personal plan, you can connect up to 3 devices. The monthly subscription costs $10.99. The yearly subscription costs $71.88 ($5.99/month), billed upfront. If you subscribe to use the service for 24 months, you pay $119.76 upfront, which amounts to $4.99 per month.

VirtualShield-VPN personal price

The family plan allows you to connect up to 15 devices. If you choose the family plan, you pay $29.99 for the monthly subscription, $215.88 for the annual subscription, and $359.76 for the two-year subscription.

VirtualShield-VPN family plan price

New users are automatically enrolled in the 30-day free trial. That means you can use the service for 30 days and cancel at any time before the free trial is up without paying a cent. Bear in mind that you need to enter your billing information to sign up for the free trial. You can use credit cards and PayPal for payment. The company does not provide refunds.

VirtualShield also offers various add-ons. We already mentioned “unrestricted streaming” and “premium phone support,” which cost $9.99/month and $14.99/month, respectively. As you can see, these extra features can significantly increase the price of your subscription.

VirtualShield VPN’s Pros And Cons

As we wrap up this VirtualShield VPN review, here’s a quick overview of the features that wowed us and the aspects of the service that could use some improvement.


  • User-friendly
  • 30-day free trial
  • Good connection speeds
  • Live chat support
  • Zero-logging policy


  • Expensive add-ons
  • Lacks advanced security features
  • Limited server network
  • No refunds
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