Speedify Servers

March 31, 2017

Speedify offers an impressive layer of online security while allowing you to “bond” all your Internet connections into one, thus boosting your overall bandwidth. The second feature offsets the usual speed drops once the encryption is set in motion.  

Today, we’ll talk about the company’s network of servers, so keep on reading if you’re interested in learning how to choose the best server for your current location. Note that Speedify features modest server coverage since the company seems to be pushing the whole “speed-boosting” aspect to the front, keeping the VPN part slightly in the back.   

Speedify Servers

Choosing The Best Speedify Server

You can use the available settings to tell Speedify how to choose the best server for you. Here are the featured options: 

  • Fastest server – Speedify will pick the closest speed server by default, aiming to provide you with the fastest Internet connection available. You can always disable this option if you want to pick the server manually.
  • Choose country – You can also specify the country with the server location you want to use. Once you start with Speedify, it’ll offer just a few locations you’re most likely to pick. However, you can always click “more” for a complete list of countries.
  • Torrent-friendly server – If you’re an avid user of BitTorrent-based apps, you’ll be happy to know that Speedify allows torrenting. Its client can pick the best torrenting server for you automatically. Dedicated P2P servers are located in the Netherlands. This is somewhat unfortunate, though, since these servers will provide significantly slower speeds if you’re far from Amsterdam.

After you set up you server-choosing preferences, you’ll also see the Session tab with the Connection at Startup option and Redundant Mode.  

Locations And Features

Speedify Servers location

Speedify doesn’t exactly aim to impress with its server network. It operates around 26 server locations, which is far from enough for a top-tier VPN service. The company is constantly working on expanding this list, though. 

As indicated above, Speedify allows P2P filesharing but only on dedicated servers located in the Netherlands. Netflix has recently blocked Speedify, so don’t expect to stream the US version with this service.   

Lastly, Speedify can host a server at your location if you so choose. It’s nice to have this option, but we would always go with some of the major hosting providers than spend extra money to play one.  


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