White Labeling Now Available With TorGuard Business VPN Plans

September 19, 2018

TorGuard VPN service is well-known for its affordable, feature-rich VPN plans for small and large businesses, all of which come with unlimited access to thousands of servers, multiple ciphers and protocols, dedicated IPs, Stealth VPN, 24/7 dedicated account manager, and much, much more. The service even offers fully customized business plans that include a dedicated server as a much-appreciated bonus.

White Labeling TorGuard Business VPN Plans

To further sweeten the deal and enhance user experience, TorGuard has introduced a new white labeling VPN app add-on that is now available to all business VPN account managers. With this novel feature, all TorGuard apps used within your company can display your company’s unique logo, providing a more customized feel.

Uploading your company logo only takes a minute. You just need to access the TorGuard members’ area, go to the User Accounts section, and drag and drop your logo file. In a few simple steps, you can make your employees feel safer with a trustworthy VPN solution tailored specifically to your business.

This is not a feature many VPN services offer and it may help TorGuard take a major step ahead of the competition and further grow its business user base. The white labeling add-on is already live, so if you like the idea, be sure to give it a try.