Does Hola Work With Netflix?

Hola is a community-powered VPN service absolutely free of charge for all users. While some users are uncomfortable with its peer-to-peer VPN approach, others see it as an interesting and useful twist on VPN services. Keeping in mind its unique inner workings, a lot of users wonder if Hola VPN can be used to stream the US version of Netflix. As we all know, Netflix is currently waging a war against VPN providers, so finding one that can provide unlimited access to its content is definitely an achievement. 

Does Hola Work With Netflix

Hola Netflix Check

When it comes to Netflix streaming, we received somewhat mixed results with Hola VPN. Mixed, but leaning toward the negative end of the spectrum. Namely, during our testing circuit, we indeed managed to connect to Netflix using Hola on one occasion. Apart from that, we constantly received the dreaded proxy error and were unable to stream any of the content. Therefore, we have to declare that Hola doesn’t work with Netflix or at least doesn’t work as expected. We can’t exactly explain how we were able to bypass the anti-VPN defenses put in place by Netflix that one time. Whatever happened, after many additional attempts, we can say for a fact that Hola VPN cannot provide you with a stable access to the US version of Netflix and is, therefore, not a good choice if streaming and bypassing geo-restrictions is your number one reason for purchasing a VPN. 

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