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Hola Review

UPDATED Aug. 2022

Hola is an innovative community-powered VPN provider based on a large peer-to-peer network that allows it to offer a completely free VPN. Read all about it in this comprehensive review.

VPN Black Friday 2021

Hola VPN Black Friday 2021

October 1, 2019

The holiday spirit is in the air and Hola VPN is here to make the season even more jolly with its exclusive deal for Black Friday 2021. Get the special discount here, save big, and take your online security and privacy to the next level.

Hola review

Does Hola VPN Work With Kodi?

UPDATED Aug. 2022

Hola VPN offers impressive connection speeds and P2P capabilities but has some room for improvement in the privacy department. Read this article to see if it is compatible with Kodi streaming software.

Hola VPN Alternatives

Hola VPN Alternatives

UPDATED Aug. 2022

Hola VPN sets high standards for other VPN services and it’s not easy to find a worthy replacement for it. We offer you our list of Hola VPN alternatives to give you more information and help you choose.

Does Hola Work With Netflix

Does Hola Work With Netflix?

UPDATED Aug. 2022

Hola VPN is a community-powered VPN project well-known for its completely free service. Check out this article to discover if Hola VPN can allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and stream Netflix US.

Does Hola Work In China

Does Hola Work In China?

UPDATED Aug. 2022

Hola is a completely free VPN service that uses connected devices as endpoints in a connection chain. Read our new post to learn whether Hola VPN can connect to its worldwide servers from China or not.

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Is Hola VPN Safe?

UPDATED Aug. 2022

Hola is a VPN service that works on the P2P principle, offering a free VPN version to anyone who’d like to enjoy the perks of having a VPN. If you’d like to know whether Hola VPN is safe enough, read our blog.