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Hola Review

UPDATED Dec. 2019
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Hola is an innovative VPN service provider that brings the future of free Internet browsing directly to your home. This is the very first P2P VPN platform that allows you to contribute to the community of its users and use all the benefits it offers for free.

We’re certain this sounds interesting so far, so continue reading our in-depth Hola review to learn more about this groundbreaking VPN service provider.

Hola Homepage


Although the concept of its functioning may seem a bit new and complicated, Hola is one of the most intuitive VPN platforms we’ve seen. It works as a browser extension on your computer and as an app on your smartphone. In both cases, it takes seconds to install it and gain access to all the superb features it offers.

Not only is Hola easy to install, but it’s also easy to use. Since it’s completely free, you don’t need to register, unless you decide to get Hola Premium (for more information check out the Pricing Options section of this Hola review). When you install Hola as an extension or app, all you need to do is choose a country and voilà, your IP address will be masked and you can open any website available in the country of your choice.

The mobile app comes with a built-in browser, which means you don’t even need to open your browser separately; you can browse the Internet via the Hola app and switch IP addresses as often as you want.

hola interface

Performance And Reliability

As the first peer-to-peer VPN service, Hola uses the Internet connections and bandwidth of its customers in order to keep its network working. Instead of engaging numerous high-maintenance servers located around the globe to disguise your IP, Hola takes a small share of bandwidth from each free user and connects you to the Internet through their devices.

Hola only uses your device when it’s idle, which means that it doesn’t slow down your Internet speed when you need it. Moreover, you can rest assured that your data is safe, as your computer works as a router and only helps others to connect to the Internet and mask their IPs.

Finally, we haven’t faced any serious problems or dropouts while doing research for this Hola review. Hola provides unlimited bandwidth for all its users and works smoothly in the background while you’re surfing the Internet hassle-free.


Hola comes as an extension and as a mobile app, so you can choose the version you need. Hola extensions can be installed in a couple of clicks and work on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera on devices that use either Windows or Mac.

The Hola extension can be installed for free, but you can use it on only one browser. On the other hand, Hola Premium enables you to use the Hola extension on multiple browsers, but you need to register an account for each browser. The Hola app is available for Android, iOS, and as an extension for Windows. Unlike browser extensions for PC, you need a subscription to use the mobile app.

Hola multiplatform

At the moment, Hola isn’t supported on routers, Smart TVs or gaming consoles, but it recommends other VPN services for those devices. The lists of recommended VPNs are made in accordance with feedback from Hola users and can be found on its website.


Hola offers a wide range of highly useful features for all its users. Using Hola, you can easily change your GPS location, switching between countries as you please. Besides providing you with unlimited IP addresses from 190 world countries you can use to mask your own IP, Hola also has a few great additions.

To boost your browser to the Hola level, you get the Hola Accelerator feature that helps you stream any movie, show or video smoothly. Hola Accelerator reduces video buffering and enhances instant start. Moreover, Hola provides an excellent ad blocker to make your Internet surfing more enjoyable and free from annoying pop-up ads. Hola ad blocker also protects you from different malware and malicious tracking. Additionally, Hola doesn’t support any ads within its client, as it earns money thanks to its business platform Luminati, which is reserved for commercial and business use only.

Security And Privacy

Hola promises first-rate security to all its users, no matter whether they’re using the free or premium version of the platform. Since it doesn’t operate servers that generate fake IP addresses, Hola can track down any person that accesses the Hola network. Therefore, it’s not an easy and appealing target for hackers, trackers or snoopers because they can’t sneak into the network without being noticed.

Hola security

Furthermore, Hola chooses its business clients cautiously and makes sure only trusted users can join the Hola network. Apart from internal monitoring, Hola also offers vulnerability bounty programs from time to time. Security experts can apply for this program and receive compensation for testing the Hola network. Once Hola receives feedback from professionals, it takes all the necessary steps to fix any problem and improve the security of its service.


Hola offers several different ways to get more information about its service. If you want to contact the customer support staff directly, you can send them an email. Moreover, Hola is based in Netanya, Israel, so you can also call the office if you live nearby.

If you don’t prefer direct inquiries, you can browse through Hola’s informative FAQ section or skim through its blogs in order to find answers to your questions.

Pricing Options

1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
2 Years

1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
2 Years

hola price Based on the P2P principle, Hola is free and available to anyone, but if you don’t want other customers to use your idle device, you can subscribe to Hola Premium plan. With Hola Premium, you can choose between the monthly and annual subscription. If you opt for the monthly subscription, you need to pay $5 each month while the annual subscription costs only $3.75 per month or $45 for the whole year. Hola allows you to cancel your subscription anytime you want and offers a great 30-day money back guarantee.

Hola Pros & Cons

At the end of this Hola review, here’s a quick overview of the features that wowed us and the aspects of the service that could use some improvement.

  • P2P VPN service
  • Free version
  • Unlimited number of IP addresses
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Ad blocker
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Doesn’t use protocols
  • Monitors activity
  • No live chat
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