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Assistant VPN Review

UPDATED Feb. 2018
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A Malaysia-based VPN company, VPN is a relative newcomer to the market but with a team that has plenty of experience working with major clients and even some governments. It promises the world’s fastest VPN and offers a convenient free trial in case you want to try it out before buying. Let’s take a look at its most important characteristics and whether it can deliver on its promise in this VPN review.

hide me vpn homepage


This VPN service provider offers a designated Windows client that is simple, clean, and relatively easy to use. Choosing between different protocols is very easy and can be done in just one simple click. The same goes for server switching. This is really an interface that can be used by just about anyone. This company has apps made for Mac, iOS, and Android as well, which is definitely a major plus.

hide me vpn interface

Performance and Reliability

This company did pretty good on the speed tests. We cannot confirm their claim of the “world’s fastest VPN” but we can say that they are definitely not disappointing. The speeds are equally reliable whether we are talking OpenVPN or any other protocol offered by this service. If you are just interested in browsing and streaming media (TV shows, music, radio, etc), we can confirm that VPN provides very stable, seamless service.

When it comes to reliability in terms of leaks, DNS leaks are, from what we saw, virtually inexistent, just as promised, so you don’t have to worry about that either.


As we said earlier in this VPN review, it has custom clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, as well as for Linux (Ubuntu). Basically, all the major platforms and operating systems are covered. You can also use VPN on your router so that the connection covers all the devices connected to it – your entire home or office network, which is convenient. The company provides detailed setup tutorials for each platform.

hide me vpn multi-platform


As we mentioned in the introduction of this VPN review, it is a Malaysia-based company that has 32 servers at this point. The Americas are represented by Canada, the United States, and Mexico. There is also one location in Brazil. In Europe, they have servers in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Romania, Sweden, and Iceland. There are two servers in Australia and one in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Morocco each.

All the servers are access-controlled, owned, and operated by VPN exclusively, which means no third-party interference whatsoever. Most of the servers are P2P-friendly. All of them support all the protocols used by VPN and they all have low ping times.

This VPN company offers unlimited bandwidth and server switching, albeit only with their premium packages. Premium and Plus Plan users also have the choice of the full protocol suite, which means SoftEther, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, SSTP, IKEv1 and IKEv2, and, of course, OpenVPN.

There is also a convenient feature called Kill Switch. What this feature does is that it literally shuts down your connection and all your apps and programs connected to the Internet if (or when) something goes wrong and you get disconnected from the VPN.

As for torrenting, it is supported and encouraged. Users can also enjoy SOCKS proxy for maximum download speed.

All VPN users, regardless of the package, get a free anonymous proxy browser. What this basically means is that, if you are only interested in accessing geo-restricted content and websites, you simply use proxy alone and access any site you want, anywhere in the world.

hide me features

The company allows setting up VPN connections on up to five different devices with the Premium package, which means that you are pretty much all covered. This is particularly suitable for families and smaller offices. The Plus and Free plans provide one connection.

Premium users can also enjoy dynamic port forwarding (UPnP) and fixed IP addresses. In addition, VPN is one of the few VPN companies that allows payment via Bitcoin. Why is this important? Users who want to remain absolutely anonymous can use this form of payment and avoid giving even the most basic information, which is otherwise required if you use other payment methods, especially credit card.

Security and Privacy

Like we already said earlier, VPN offers all the most popular encryption protocols available these days. There is SoftEther, PPTP, with 128-bit encryption, L2TP/IPsec (AES-128), OpenVPN and SSTP, both with strong 256-bit encryption, IKEv1 (AES-256) and IKEv2 (AES-128 and AES-256 ). Premium and Plus Plan users can choose between any protocol they like while those with a free plan are limited to PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and IPsec (IKEv1 and IKEv2). They also support SOCKS proxy.

Being based in Malaysia, VPN is well outside the US and EU jurisdictions, which is definitely good news for those who want to keep their online business private and anonymous. Also, the company is now certified log-free. They don’t even keep any logs on their free users anymore.


This VPN provider has an excellent support community with a well-maintained blog and forums. German-language forums are, however, more helpful than those in English, so if there is an answer to your issue in there, you will probably have to use a translator.

As for customer support, the company offers a support ticket and, for those who prefer more direct and immediate contact, live chat. Both services are fairly quick and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

Pricing Options

The company offers a free plan which includes three server locations, the so-called “best effort” bandwidth (meaning minimum 3 Mbit/sec), 2GB data, a limited choice of protocols and just one connection at a time.

The Plus Plan starts at $4.99 per month and it gets you an unlimited choice of locations, unlimited bandwidth, 75GB data, the full protocol suite, and one connection.

The most comprehensive plan is Premium, which starts at $9.99 per month. This plan includes an unlimited choice of locations, unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, a full selection of protocols, and up to five simultaneous connections.

Hide Me Vpn Pricing
  • Good selection of protocols
  • Do not keep any logs
  • Good custom apps for mobile devices
  • Excellent Windows client
  • Bitcoin accepted


  • The free plan is very basic
  • Premium account is costly
  • No uptime guarantee

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Paula Terry on 07/21/2017
    I may be ignorant, but so is the support staff.
  • Submitted By Jacob Wilson, on 06/21/2017

    It’s simple to install it, but that really doesn’t matter because it’s basically not working. It did have a few bright moments, but they lasted for like 10 minutes and then it goes off again.

  • Submitted By Kelly Boaz, on 04/29/2017

    Very convenient and easy to use, even I had no problem installing it and I’m a real dummy when it comes to technology. I like the premium version, but it’s a bit pricey tbh.

  • Submitted By Owen Irons, on 02/23/2017 VPN is one of the best VPNs I’ve tried. Many servers, I can switch whenever I want. And it doesn’t affect the speed, which is a rare thing with VPNs. The problem is that you get proper service only when you subscribe for the plus plan, otherwise it’s not worth it.

  • Submitted By Mel Garrison on 09/12/2016
    I think that Hide Me has more to offer to their users than most other vpn services. For example, free proxy and some other stuff. For that kind of service, I don’t mind paying a little extra, although this is not even that expensive.
  • Submitted By Brock The Jock 08/08/2016
    I tried solving an issue I had with a fixed IP address through the forums but I got lost in all that German! What’s up with that? Later on I contacted the support and they fixed it relatively quickly.


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Updated : 02.14.2018.
Rating : 8.8/10