Is Hola VPN Safe?

Hola is the first P2P VPN service provider on the market and the fact that it bases its service on P2P sharing is appealing in itself. However, the most important feature a good VPN has to provide is first-class security and safety. Keep on reading to find out whether Hola VPN is safe enough for you.

The Basics

Hola VPN is a pioneering peer-to-peer VPN service that uses the devices of its users in order to provide Internet access and bandwidth to other users. Hola VPN doesn’t operate a single VPN server and yet enables you to surf the Internet smoothly and freely.

Thanks to the incorporation of P2P technology Hola can provide website unblocking and fast streaming for free. Once you install Hola for free, it can use your device as a router while it’s idle. But don’t let this discourage you because Hola always combines its sources to provide you with unlimited bandwidth and high speed.

Hola Security VPN

Data Encryption

Hola isn’t your typical VPN service provider. It doesn’t use any VPN protocols to encrypt your data. So, if it doesn’t use protocols, is Hola VPN safe? Although there are no protocols, it doesn’t mean that you’re not safe with Hola VPN; on the contrary, Hola VPN is perfectly safe to use for accessing blocked websites and anonymously browsing censored web pages.

Thanks to the huge network of its peers, Hola provides IP addresses located in 190 different countries around the globe. You can switch between IPs as often as you want. Your real IP address is always masked with somebody else’s, meaning you don’t leave any online traces when you’re using Hola VPN.

Additional Security Features

Hola Security

Besides unlimited IP switching, Hola offers some additional features to improve your online security. It incorporates a free ad blocker that protects you from different types of malware. Furthermore, Hola offers vulnerability bounty programs every now and then in order to make adjustments and improvements to its service. Vulnerability bounty programs include hiring independent experts to test Hola’s performance and safety. After the experts finish testing the VPN, Hola takes the necessary steps to improve its features and boost its security.


Hola VPN is available for free as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. It works on any device that uses Windows or Mac. You can also use Hola VPN to secure your smartphone, regardless of the operating system it uses. However, keep in mind that Android and iOS Hola apps are only available with a subscription.


Hola does have some shortcomings. The most serious concern is that it keeps some logs of your activity. Additionally, you can’t pay for your subscription anonymously since Hola doesn’t support Bitcoin. Last but not least, you can’t install Hola on your router, Smart TV or gaming console. Also, you can’t use it on more than one device at the same time.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that Hola VPN is safe enough for the needs of most VPN users. With Hola, you can browse the Internet, stream movies and TV shows or bypass geo blocks worry-free. If you’d like to learn more about this innovative VPN service, check out our detailed Hola review.

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