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Mullvad Android App

Mobile platforms are getting more and more popular and we can hardly imagine our daily routine without our smartphones and tablets. This, of course, makes us vulnerable to a huge number of looming security threats found online, so we have to think in advance and make sure we have the best protection possible for our mobile devices.  

Mullvad is one of the best VPN providers when it comes to privacy and security and you can also use it on your Android-powered devices. In this post, you can learn everything about setting up this service on Android and using all of its possibilities effectively. 

Mullvad Android App

Installing Mullvad Android App

Mullvad doesn’t have a dedicated Android app, but this isn’t too big of a problem. Here’s how you can make a VPN connection on your Android device: 

  • Start by downloading and installing OpenVPN for Android from Google Play Store. In the absence of a dedicated client, this is the application you’ll be using to connect your VPN to the Android platform.
  • Click accept in the dialog box to give the app the requested permissions.
  • Open the official Mullvad website in your mobile browser and tap the icon in the top right corner. Once the menu opens, tap the download client button.
  • Tap the instructions and configuration button. 
  • Enter your assigned account number, select Android from the drop-down menu, select the region you want to connect to, tap the download button, and save the file.
  • Once you start the OpenVPN application, you’ll see a + button in the top menu, which will open the add profile dialog box.
  • Click on import.
  • Choose the config file you just downloaded from the website. 
  • Tap on the save button located in the bottom right corner.
  • Choose the profile you just created to connect to the service. 

Mullvad Android

Note that the first time you connect to your profile, you’ll be asked to provide a username and password. Your Mullvad account number is your username and m is the password. Monitor the OpenVPN log window and see what the last line says. If it reads “Initialization Sequence Completed,” you are connected to Mullvad servers. 

If you want to choose a different country, simply repeat the Mullvad configuration steps on your device. It is highly recommended you use your browser’s privacy mode in order to increase the overall level of security (the “New incognito tab” in Chrome and “New private tab” in Firefox).  

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