Mullvad Price & Value For Money

July 1, 2017

When it comes to privacy, few VPN services can match Mullvad’s dedication. This Swedish company offers a wide range of extraordinary features designed to keep your personal information and online identity as secure as possible.  

As with any other VPN, we also have to calculate the pricing policy into the equation and determine the overall price-to-value ratio. So, if you’re interested in Mullvad, you should definitely check out this post and discover if the service offered is worth the price.  

Mullvad Price

Mullvad Subscription Plans

Mullvad incorporates a very simple and straightforward subscription model. You will be charged 5 EUR per month and that’s pretty much all there is. Unlike other VPN services, Mullvad doesn’t offer discounts for longer subscription periods.  

You can use Bitcoin to pay for your subscription, though, in which case you get a 10% discount due to lower transaction fees and less administration. Bitcoin payments also guarantee an additional level of anonymity. Speaking of protecting your identity, Mullvad is the only VPN provider on the market that accepts hard cash as a payment method.  

Mullvad has a 3-hour free trial period, which is not quite enough to test the service properly. It’s still better than nothing, though. Once you subscribe, you’ll be given a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can test the platform accordingly without risking any money in the process. Note that cash payments are non-refundable in order to avoid money-laundering schemes.  

Besides Bitcoin and cash, you can also pay for your subscription with PayPal, Swish, and bank wire (credit and debit cards). The company’s privacy policy is focused on having as little user data as possible, so they recommend using Bitcoin for ultimate anonymity. You can also purchase vouchers with cash and have zero contact with the company.  

Mullvad – Value For Money

Mullvad Price

Right off the bat, we’ll say that the service offered by Mullvad is definitely worth the price several times over. Mullvad falls into the cheaper VPN category but can rival some of the most expensive services on the market.  

Solid encryption, revolutionary anti-censorship measures, good speeds, unlimited bandwidth, compatibility with all modern platforms, a strict no-logging policy, P2P filesharing, and optimal privacy are just some of the features you can get for only 5 Euros a month. Additionally, you can use Bitcoin or pay cash, meaning you have to share exactly zero personal information with the company. 

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